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24By7Security: The Cybersecurity and Compliance Pioneer

Sanjay Deo, Founder & President, 24By7SecuritySanjay Deo, Founder & President, 24By7Security
With nearly two decades of experience in managing cybersecurity and compliance programs for healthcare, finance and insurance industry, Sanjay Deo found it disturbing to come across healthcare’s lack of diligence in handling protected health information (PHI). He found many healthcare providers focused just on the health of patients, giving no due importance to the security and privacy of patient information. Drawn by this lack of sensitivity, amounting to serious violations of health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA), Deo went on to establish 24By7Security to provide specialized consulting services, helping healthcare facilities build a HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure that can help protect them from Cybersecurity threats.

24By7Security starts with a risk assessment that helps healthcare providers understand their IT security posture and discover the vulnerabilities facing their business. It encompasses a comprehensive review of everything that may touch or pertain to protected health information (PHI), the assets and processes involved. Several methods are used to assess the firm’s compliance with HIPAA and other regulations that impact it. Through these services like security risk assessment, Privacy Officer Services, vulnerability assessments, social engineering testing, incident response management and many more related services, 24By7Security works with clients to improve their overall security posture.

With ever-growing Cybersecurity concerns, one of the most important roles in a healthcare facility is that of its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). While large companies have a hierarchy of people in the CISO’s department, small to medium-sized companies may not have the resources or even the need for a full-time CISO. Taking this into consideration, 24By7Security offers part-time CISO services, helping healthcare facilities focus completely on the business while it takes care of preparing and executing information security strategies ranging from IT security charters, roadmaps, budgets to security risk management programs.

24By7Security designs actionable cybersecurity programs, which are a result of an in-depth analysis of the customer’s security infrastructure, location of data, policies and processes

Cybersecurity infrastructure alone does not facilitate HIPAA compliance. Healthcare facilities require a strong due diligence process to avoid HIPAA violations. 24By7Security offers extensive expertise in assessing HIPAA compliance and recommending and implementing solutions to help entities get compliant. “We get a healthcare entity ready from a HIPAA perspective, providing and assisting with policies and procedures, HIPAA risk assessments, and comprehensive HIPAA training for all of the healthcare employees,” states Deo, Founder and President, 24By7Security.

24By7Security recognizes that employee training also constitutes a significant component for Cybersecurity and HIPAA awareness. As a result, it provides dynamic and engaging Cybersecurity and HIPAA training programs that cover the most current training needs of healthcare entities.

“24By7Security designs actionable cybersecurity programs, which are a result of an in-depth analysis of the customer’s security infrastructure, location of data, policies and processes,” states Deo. A case in evidence is its services to a large health care managed service organization (MSO) based in South Florida. After initial risk analysis done at the MSO, 24By7Security took up the role of HIPAA Security and Privacy Officer, initiating a journey as an ongoing partner in educating the MSO put up a budget and roadmap for a multiple year program. The company helped the MSO build a strong IT security outlook and educated personnel in the concept that security is not a destination but a journey.
24By7Security’s resounding success can be attributed to its experienced staff having certified credentials in providing cybersecurity and compliance consulting services. Having made a mark at strong-arming IT security in healthcare, 24By7Security has come to expand its specialized consulting services to other industries such as insurance, finance, retail, and hospitality.