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Lunarline: A Full Spectrum Cybersecurity Pioneer

Waylon Krush, Co-Founder & CEO , LunarlineWaylon Krush, Co-Founder & CEO , Lunarline
During Waylon Krush’s tenure as an IT security professional in the military, he was responsible for performing vulnerability assessments of IT control systems and resolving the identified vulnerabilities by developing suitable programs. After serving the military, he was shocked to find healthcare companies and commercial organizations running their IT systems on zero security. Drawn by the need to address this issue, Krush went on to launch Lunarline, Inc., a full spectrum cybersecurity firm that offers services ranging from advanced malware assessments, penetration testing, FedRAMP, managed security services to cyber dashboarding, compliance services, privacy services and cybersecurity training to government agencies, healthcare firms and private sector communities. Lunarline runs on the motto: ‘Solutions Built on Security’™.

Lunarline’s commitment to healthcare IT security is nothing short of excellence. Forty percent of its services are dedicated to healthcare. It recognizes that sound information security and data privacy practices are vital to the survival of healthcare organizations. It provides optimum healthcare security by first, offering healthcare governance, providing adequate directions to management on the overarching data protection goals and ways to achieve them. Second, as healthcare operations touch a plethora of business areas such as IT, clinical administration, non-clinical administration, and delivery of care, Lunarline assists in streamlining operations, identifying areas of improvement and managing workflows, ensuring unhindered focus towards privacy and security. Thirdly, Lunarline offers comprehensive compliance assessment. It not only helps healthcare companies meet HIPAA compliance but also NIST and industry-based practices that are necessary while working with government organizations. In addition, Lunarline provides in-depth risk management by performing advanced malware assessments, mapping remediation actions, creating remediation reporting mechanisms, and deploying continuous monitoring throughout the year.

Our School of Cybersecurity offers world-class courses that are approved by DHS, NSA, and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS)

However, Lunarline recognizes that just a full-fledged cybersecurity and compliance services are not enough. It realizes that security training of employees is pivotal in ensuring the optimum security of organizations. As a result, Lunarline has come to offer the School of Cybersecurity, providing advanced in-house security training capabilities via instructional design labs that are equipped with the latest training development and delivery tools. “Our School of Cybersecurity offers world-class courses that are approved by DHS, NSA, and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS),” remarks Krush, Co-founder and CEO, Lunarline, Inc.

Bolstering these extensive cybersecurity services to healthcare are Lunarline’s illustrious suite of automation cybersecurity products. Namely, LunarGravity helps in converting reports from a wide number of vulnerability scanners into a consolidated Excel workbook in a matter of hours. LunarFlare, a revolutionary platform for planning, executing, automating, and reporting penetration tests in real time, making penetration testing efficient and effective. LunarGroundStation offers aggregate threat intelligence and correlating it to the assets within organizations to help them put up an impregnable defense against the forthcoming attack on the network. Lastly, Lunarline offers LunarAirlock that automates the process of applying Security Technical Implantation Guides (STIGs) in a customized fashion and applying hundreds of security configurations in a matter of a few minutes. “When a medical device company that spent 8 to 16 weeks on locking medical devices approached Lunarline, we helped them lock their medical devices through LunarAirlock in just a matter of a few hours,” remarks Kush.

The resounding success of these impeccable solutions can be duly credited to Lunarline’s dynamic workforce having exceptional experiences of operating in the world’s most demanding cyber environments. It is their ingenuity and resilient commitment to cybersecurity that has led Lunarline to engineer secure, scalable, and streamlined solutions to modern cybersecurity challenges.